The Frenchman

"heat builds structure and light builds colour"

Winegrower Luc Desbonnets has over 30 years experience in wine growing and wine making since his debut in France in 1989. After study at Massey University, Luc travelled to France staying 7 years to learn the culture and complete another degree in winemaking and viticulture in the Medoc appellation area of Bordeaux. After which he managed large eastern European productions in Hungary and Moldova.

In developing Frenchmans Hill Estate, Luc steadfastly sticks to the techniques and protocols learnt whilst working in the 'grand cru' appellations of Bordeaux and Burgundy. He believes with the right sites and an uncompromising approach toward yields, vine and soil management, NZ matches it with many of the world's greatest wines.

The impoverished sandy/gravelly clays of Waiheke are ideal viticultural soils to work with and express and are superbly suited to the production of truly cellar-worthy 'complex' reds that will evolve favourably overtime.

You are welcome to hop on a ferry and come to visit Frenchmans Hill Estate on Waiheke Island.  Enjoy a tasting platter whilst experiencing one of our stunning wines. And take home a souvenir bottle...or two.